Contrarian | Issue 1

EUR 14 

This issue reflects upon the topic “a good life”, which we know there isn’t one answer to, but it’s still a subject we find relevant to start conversations about. The idea for the subject came after several conversations and we always came back to that same subject one way or another. Afraid of sounding like a cliché we thought about how to address the “good life” and this is the result of it.

In the magazine you’ll learn about Dr Robert Waldingers research about what makes a good life through a 75 years long study, where the same persons have been observed through the years – their findings may surprise you. You’ll learn about Anders Agger a beloved Danish journalist and how he finds the simple things in daily lives exciting. You’ll meet Jonas Risvig, a young aspiring director and photographer who tells us about his upbringing, how his perspective on life has changed through the years and what has driven him to where he finds himself today. You can read a series of essays from the talented artist and poet Mads Juul Munch who reflects on subjects as love, forgiveness, death and generosity; topics we all go through in our lives.

92 pages
Published in Denmark The magazine is commercial free.

Cover photo by Marcus Møller Bitsch
Photographers: Philip Høpner, Fredrik Clement, Gulnara Niaz, Sofie Hvitved, Astrid Rasmussen, Liv Kastrup & Gunnar Freyr Gunnarson
Illustrators: Ida Rørholm Davidsen & Camilla Himmelblå
Writers: Mads Juul Munch & Vera Løvø Giver
Graphic support: Christina Christensen & Andreas Normann (Fridajohs) & Stine Erlang Sloth

A sincerest thank you to all of our contributors, our supports and those who read along with us.